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In 2013, we honored Richard J. Moylan with The Fine Arts Federation medal for his leadership in renewing Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery.

Through more than 40 years at Green-Wood, serving as President since 1986, Mr. Moylan transformed this historic landscape into an important public green space and cultural destination. He opened its gates for educational tours, art exhibits, lectures, book readings, dramatic productions, concerts, and other events that draw on the cemetery’s great historical significance and natural beauty.

Under Mr. Moylan’s tenure, the Green-Wood Historic Fund was created to maintain the cemetery’s monuments and buildings of historical, cultural, and architectural significance, as well as an expanding outdoor sculpture garden that includes the noted recent acquisition Civic Virtue. In 2012 alone, more than 250,000 people took advantage of these offerings, testimony to Mr. Moylan’s visionary cultivation of Green-Wood as a 478-acre civic asset and one of New York City’s signature cultural landscapes.

Photo Credit: Art Presson