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We award outstanding public service to the arts.

Our distinguished bronze seal serves as The Fine Arts Federation Award, presented for outstanding public service to the arts.

The seal of The Fine Arts Federation originated in 1904, when noted sculptor Victor David Brenner (1871–1924) modeled the design symbolizing the arts of painting, sculpture, and architecture. Brenner, who was born in Lithuania, arrived in New York City in 1890 and went on to become a renowned engraver and medalist. His work includes the United States Lincoln penny, first minted in 1909, as well as the seal of the New York Public Library and the National Academy of Design Medal.

In the form of a 3-by-4-inch bronze plaquette, the seal is periodically awarded to individuals whose work symbolizes outstanding public service to the arts. Past Federation award recipients include Ada Louise Huxtable, Henry Hope Reed, Jacqueline Onassis & Anthony Wood, David Rockefeller, Joan Davidson, Kent Barwick, Don Weston, Fred Papert, Richard Moylan, and Christopher Gray.